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16 Jun, 17

Stem Mix Show Episode 13

You know the drill. Back at it again with a new episode. To purchase these tracks, as well as tons of others, check out Dubseed.com Tracklist: Gjaka K. Doroci – Talk to me Deep Brothers – Game Spektre – Halcyon   Gaston Zani & Sonate – Moodizm   Stereocalypse – Arboria Wally Lopez, Unieq – Atrium

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01 Jun, 17

Stem Mix Show Episode 12

We’re back after a short hiatus! The Stem Mix Show took a short break whilst we moved studios and got set up in the new space. We are back in full force with a show that the New York Times says “Best bass of 2017”. Time magazine also chimed in with their opinion on the show saying “boom boom boom let me hear you say mayo”. Tracklist: Phon.o – Fractions Kovaxx – Buzzcut Ellroy – Opium Blames Brown...

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01 Jun, 17

Behind the Stems | Pier Naline

A rising artist provides their perspective on Stems: Pier Naline is a composer hailing from Milano, Italy. His journey into music first began in the early ‘90s when he was just 14 years old after developing a passion for European continental dance, trance and techno music. Piers debut Stem Track entitled ‘Onirica’ recently landed on Dubseed.com, so we asked him a few questions about his interest and enthusiasm towards the Stem format: Why do you...

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19 May, 17


Start Your Weekend on the Right Foot! Different genres, but all have the same sound of Spring!   Electronica // The Huntsman By Allen Lara Electronica //  Paradigm By Astral Twinns   Electronica // Always Wanna Feel This Way By PaulCorson Hip-Hop/Rap // SW.U.RD By REALMS   Get more from Dubseed // Facebook | YouTube | Soundcloud | Twitter

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09 May, 17

NYC Music Producers Club Masterclass: Vallis Alps

David of Vallis Alps describes the experience of overnight viral success. In creative industries there are two types of viral growth. The first is well thought out and planned. Marketing, branding, and advertising agencies strategically create a plan for content to grow at a crazy rate. Most of the time these campaigns do not reach the audience that creators hoped for. The second method is simple: the content appeals to the perfect audience at the perfect...

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28 Apr, 17

Subscribe to Our Stem Mix Show

There is Only One Reoccurring Stem Mix Show on Youtube… If you are looking for a Mix show where Stems are used instead of regular tracks than you finally found it. For the past 10 weeks Dubseed has been putting together a weekly show called the Stem Mix Shows that is set to perfectly display the technique used for Stem mixing. The show also displays each track and specific stems from that track that are...

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25 Apr, 17

Music With a Message

The most recent episode of #Beatroots features a cosmic duo with a cosmic message… Dream Circle is one of those groups whose music has many layers. Their tunes tell a story using more than just the vocals. The arrangement and instruments used in a song all intertwine to create a piece of art that has both a clear and unclear message. I gotta hand it to the two for putting creating art with substance, which is overlooked...

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